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www.Peetslistens.com – The Peet’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is an online survey created by Peet’s that can help increase customer satisfaction.

Peet’s Coffee Survey
www.Peetslistens.com - Win $100 Gift Card - Peet's Coffee Survey

www.Peetslistens.com – Peet’s Coffee Survey

Peet’s Coffee Survey
It can be found at www.Peetslistens.com. This might benefit both you and the business because it will make the necessary modifications and you’ll have a better experience.

For your convenience, this survey is conducted online. There is a printed offer on your receipt that can be redeemed by writing the validation code you obtain from this survey.

on the receipt and bringing it with you to another location. You can enter the sweepstakes to win a $500 or a $100 Peet’s Coffee gift card in exchange for taking the time to complete the survey.

How To Take The Survey?

Peet’s Coffee Survey
Visit the website peetslistens.com. You must key in the 16-digit code from your receipt.

Determine the type of visit. Select from to-go, dine-in, or drive-thru. Please indicate how satisfied you are overall with your Peet’s visit.

Choose the products you bought, including tea, beans, fresh food, baked goods, and more. Please rate your level of satisfaction in a number of areas, such as the store’s atmosphere.

the staff’s friendliness, and more. Tell us whether you plan to visit Peet’s again in the next 30 days. How likely are you to tell your family and friends about Peet’s?

Enter your comments in the space provided if you’d like to share your thoughts about your visit. Tell us how many times you’ve been to Peet’s within the last 30 days.

In addition, specify whether or not you were greeted and the reasons behind your decision to go to Peet’s.

Provide some personal information, such as your age and gender. To enjoy a special promotion or discount, write your validation code on your receipt and bring it in-store.

Peet’s Coffee Survey
www.Peetslistens.com - Win $100 Gift Card - Peet's Coffee Survey

Survey and Rewards

Peet’s Coffee Survey
Customers can receive a Validation Code from Peet’s when they complete their survey on their dining experience.

You must make a purchase at Peet’s Coffee & Tea, save the receipt, and complete the survey in order to qualify for the offer.

Additionally, by participating in Peet’s Sweepstakes, the firm offers you the chance to win a $500 grand prize and a $100 Peet’s Coffee gift card.

Rules & Requirements

Peet’s Coffee Survey

  • Members ought to be lawful inhabitants of the United States.
  • Members should be mature of more than 18 years.
  • Peet’s Coffee and Tea clients can take up to 2 reviews in a month for each receipt.
  • The new workers, accomplice organizations, and their close relatives are not allowed to take study.
  • Your buy receipt is substantial for 7 days for taking the overview.
  • A substantial receipt of Peet’s Coffee and Tea.
  • A web association.
  • Any electronic device, be it a computer, a phone, or another.
  • Fundamental information on the English language is an unquestionable necessity.
  • Individuals need to have a real email address.
  • A short way from your significant chance to take the study.

Peet’s Coffee Survey
www.Peetslistens.com - Win $100 Gift Card - Peet's Coffee Survey

About Peet’s Coffee Survey

Peet’s Coffee Survey
In the San Francisco Bay Area, there is a specialized coffee store called Peet’s Coffee & Tea. In Berkeley, California, it was started by Alfred Peet in 1966 with the intention of introducing.

consumers to new coffee flavors including French roast and dark roasted arabica coffee. Peet’s is regarded as the first significant coffee chain in the United States and provided inspiration for the Starbucks business.

Today, Peets serves over 30 different varieties of freshly roasted coffee drinks. For over $974 million, JAB Holdings, a German private investment company, bought the business in 2012.

Peet’s Coffee Survey


The Peet’s Coffee & Tea Survey’s great goal is to get insightful customer input.

Through www.peetslistens.com, customers have the opportunity to share their thoughts on their most recent Peet’s Coffee & Tea restaurant visit.

In order to exceed customer expectations, Peet’s Coffee & Tea uses the data it collects to improve its products and services.

Take the Peet survey for a chance to win one of two Peet gift cards worth $100 or $500. After finishing the current Peet’s Listens, you will receive free entry into Peet’s Sweepstakes.

Peet’s Coffee Survey
www.Peetslistens.com - Win $100 Gift Card - Peet's Coffee Survey

Peet’s Coffee Survey FAQs

  • What prizes are available in Peet’s survey?

Answer – You, receive a Peet’s Coffee Gift Card that you may use on your subsequent trip to the café when you participate in and complete the Peet’s Coffee Customer Survey.

  • What location should I go to get the survey form?

Answer – To complete the survey, just go to www.PeetsListens.com and follow the instructions.

  • Is there a minimum age requirement to take the survey?

Answer – The correct response is that participants must be at least 18 years old.

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